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Company Overview

The Preferred Professionals Business Group (PPBG) is a very sophisticated and premier, business solutions service provider.  We continuously distinguish ourselves as a proven partner with both business and the consumer.  We diverge from the traditional consultant business model in that we are not a body-shop, merely driven and engaged in billable service offerings.  The core of the PPBG service delivery engine is its ability to harness effectively and efficiently, the diverse bodies of knowledge, the best of the breed talent, and a commitment to deliver ‘Actionable Business Intelligence’

The PPBG service delivery model is (quantifiably) results driven and client centered.  We position ourselves as the elixir to the ‘Business Ecosystem’ – Taking advanced and mature marketing solutions and teams’ right to the core of business, and to the demands of industry.  We’re rooted in high-impact business transformation strategies, project, and product development synergies that integrate and align the 'Vision' with the 'Effort'.  This position of balance allows us to collaborate with you, to strengthen your stake in the marketplace.  We leverage (iteratively), empirical learning’s through cooperative teams, knowledge exchange, emergence, and agility.  We discourage codependence or an over reliance on us as a contingent staffing resource.  This posture is not cost effective for you as our client, nor is it responsive to the changing needs/demands of business in the competitive marketplace.  The moment this occurs we fail you as a partner, and we fail ourselves as a viable professional service delivery provider.

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